• Art teacher diploma. Art Institute “Umberto Boccioni”. Naples, Italy.





  • Looking For…”, collective exhibition at Schaufenster Gallery, Berlin, March 2019

  • "Instinct #6", collective exhibition at The Village Gallery, Berlin, September 2018

  • Tom of Finland collective exhibition at The Ballery, Berlin, September 2018

  • "My Gay Eye". Collective exhibition at Kunstbehandlung Gallery, Munich, Germany, 2018

  • "Super Schwul". Collective exhibition at the Mooiman Gallery, Groningen, Netherlands, 2018

  • The Ballery, "White Love". Collective exhibition. Berlin. 2017

  • "Survival". Collective exhibition at CAM - Casoria Contemporary Art Museum, Naples, Italy. 2016

  • The Ballery. Collective exhibition. Berlin, October 2015

  • The Ballery in collaboration with “Mein Schwules Auge”, Collective Exhibition. Berlin. 2015

  • The Ballery. Collective exhibition. June. 2015

  • Pop Up Art Gallery. "Italian week" collective exhibition. September. 2015

  • The Ballery, Collective exhibition. November. Berlin. 2015

  • Berlin Splendor" by "Berlin Art Parasites" at Stattbad Wedding for Berlin Art Week. Collective exhibition. 2012

  • “Blue boys“ - Solo exhibition at Prinz-Eisenherz, Berlin. 2012

  • 30x30 collective exhibition at Kunstbehandlung Gallery. Munich. 2012

  • Art Lounge at KitKat, Berlin. Collective exhibition. Berlin. 2011

  • Collective exhibition at Penguin Cafè for the theatre play "12 baci sulla bocca", Naples. 2010

  • "Lounge Art" at Dejavù Gallery, Naples. Collective exhibition. Naples. 2009